OSGENCart - 45mm Spinning & Static Removable Height Adjustable Dancing Pole Studio
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45mm Spinning & Static Removable Height Adjustable Dancing Pole Fitness Studio
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45mm Spinning & Static Removable Height Adjustable Dancing Pole Fitness Studio

Screw-jointed tubes with nearly seamless, high-precision joints provide the pole with maximum strength and stability. The smooth surface and tightly fitting pipe interface promote hand comfort without endangering the dancer.
a pole with a high-quality electroplated chrome finish


The pipe's fit and stability are both improved by the threaded solid connection, which has an extra-thick 2.2mm tube to minimise unneeded shaking.
Height-adjustable - Made entirely of metal, with a 45mm pole for easy holding that can be extended from 7.3' to 9'.
125mm (4 15/16") and 250mm (9 13/16") of optional extensions (Package included).
No drilling is necessary; there is no need to drill holes,
may be installed and utilised immediately,
Not only is it more straightforward to disassemble when not in use, but it also effectively protects the wall.

Strong Bearing: A double-width pole support dome distributes pressure and load equally on the ceiling and can handle a load of up to 440 pounds.
Dance With Ease is a 15 inch wide dome that can grab a lot of the ceiling's surface area for further stability and support (comes with a silicone ring to protect your ceiling.)
Set On Anywhere - An angular stability lock and an articulating base make it simple to set up on uneven floors and stabilise your pole.
Additionally, the 9 inch Dia Base has a silicone ring to protect your wood floor.
'Highly Recommend' - For those who are serious about pole dancing, we suggest this pole because it is simple to alter from static to spinning mode using hidden screws.
Additionally, the instructions aid in properly hanging it.

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